Field Guide to Indian Moths

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Moths are the most elusive insects as very little is known about them. In absence of research and publications in recent times, this subject has been ignored for long time. To fill this gap, Birdwing Publishers launches India’s first field guide on Indian Moths which is now available in stores. 

The field guide is meant for beginners therefore the language used is non-technical. It features descriptions of 773 species from 37 micro and macro moth families depicted in 156 colour plates. More than 1000 colour photographs of moths have been used. 

The species description includes text and symbols. Symbols depict habitat preference, sexual dimorphism, proboscis status, pest status, attraction to light, flight time and month. Text includes description of adult, biology (behaviour, lifehistory, interesting facts) and distribution. For first time common names have been coined for most of moth species. Introductory chapters include Introduction, Moth Studies, Distribution, Taxonomy, Moth Behaivour, Moth defenses, Breeding biology, Economic importance, Moth watching, Moth Education and Moth Photography..

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Launch Date: 1 May 2018

ISBN : 978-81-931736-0-2

MRP  : Rs.3500/- (excluding Rs. 150/- shipping and handling charges within India). 

Size   : 7.1” x 4.35” ,  paperback 

Pages: 474    Weight: 620 gm

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