Past Events

21- 22 July 2018: National Moth Week 2018

 An overnight camp was organized at Karnala Bird Sanctuary on the eve of the National Moth Week which begins on 21 July. A group of 12 enthusiastic participants joined the camp which began at 3 p.m. on 21 July and ended at 12 noon on 22 July 2018. The camp began with short nature trail on the newly created trail behind the dormitories. This was followed by setting up of the light sheet where the participants were oriented about the method. A presentation on moth families was conducted which gave an overview of moth world and the participants were already charged up for mothwatching at the light sheet. Altogether 20 plus species from eight moth families were recorded. 

The  next day was very adventurous as they day began with breakfast in forest machan belonging to a tribal and the local guide took us onto a hidden trail on foot hills and other end of the sanctuary. It was most mesmerizing trail was we walked for 3 hours in the narrow lanes of the hill forest.

14-15 July 2018: National Moth Week in Bangalore

 iNaturewatch Foundation conducted a mothing camp at Ramanagaram, Bangalore on 14th and 15th July, 2018. There were 2 nature trails, moth quiz, presentation on moths and overnight mothing on light sheet was a great experience for all the participants. The camp was conducted by Mr. Madhusudhan Shukala and Mr. Rachit Singh. All over we observed around fifty species of moths. During the nature trail varieties of caterpillars, beetles, spiders, birds and other flora and fauna were seen. All over 10 participants participated in our camp. The participants enjoyed the camp as many found it to be very informative and new experience for all. Morning trail was based on the insect theme, which was conducted by Mr. Madhusudan Shukla. There were around 15 enthusiast participants were present for the trail. Image by: Usha Rao, Madhusudhan Shukla and Bharat Kinger 

25 May 2018: Book Launch in Bangalore

 In a small gathering at ATREE on 25 May 2018, the Field Guide of Indian Moths was released a behest of Ms. Dipika Bajpai, DCF, Bangalore Forest Department and guest of honour Dr. Siddapa. Inspite of the rains acting spoilsport, people turned up for the event. The event was entirely managed on volunteer support of Madhusudhan Shukla, Shanta N., Raj Laxmi and Karan. Special thanks to Dr. Rajkamal and Dr. Seena from ATREE for managing the venue. 

1 May 2018: Book Launch in Mumbai

 The Field Guide to Indian Moths by Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi was finally released at behest of Dr. Asad Rahmani. An august gathering of 50 nature enthusiasts attended this event. The event began with felicitation of Chief Guest Dr. Asad Rahmani and Guest of Honour Mrs. Kalpana Reddy (sister-in-law of author). This was followed by welcome address by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar. This was then followed by presentation of Dr. Shubha regarding the making of the book. She shared anecdotes and the her journey of book making. Two beautiful video clips charged up the atmosphere.  The book was then released by the Chief Guest who elaborately analyzed the book and highlighted its important sections. The event ended with vote of thanks which was given by Priti Choghale. The master of ceremony was Ms. Meenakshi Paul (niece of author)