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Birdwing Publishers for Wildlife Books

Birdwing Publishers for Wildlife Books

Birdwing Publishers for Wildlife BooksBirdwing Publishers for Wildlife BooksBirdwing Publishers for Wildlife Books

Author's Birthday Discount

Birthday Celebrations


Dr. Shubhalaxmi is celebrating her 50th birthday and here is a special discount to celebrate this occasion, sign up soon. The offer is valid till 27 January 2020 midnight!

Moth Book News



We are happy to inform that our book has reached 12 countries around globe. In India too, it reached the length and breadth of India. We thank you very much to all our buyers.

Book Reviews

Our book reviews are published by Atropos Books,UK, The Lepidopterists' Society, USA and The Entomological Association Apollo, Germany, Read here

Book Orders

We have received repeat bulk orders from Pemberley Books from United Kingdom as well from Netherlands.

Book Mark

We created a book mark for incorporating missing photographer's names. 

Ranking on Amazon.in

Under the Biology book categories our book is ranked as 21st best seller.

Happy New Year Gift

Insect Eco-Calendar 2020

 Our calendar for 2020 is out. This year the theme is insects.   This is also an eco-calendar as we have marked all eco days falling in each month.  One can also see our activities that we conducted last year. 

Field Guide to Indian Insects and Other Arthropods

Sample cover page for representation purpose only

A new publication project

 We are currently developing this publication which we expect to be out within 2-3 years.  Writing of this book will be easy as we are one book old publisher so we know the glitches and pitfalls which we could avoid. Secondly there are two authors putting work on fasttrack. Lastly we have a fantastic and dedicated team of data miners, designers and editors.

Contribute your Photos

While the authors have their repositories of insect photographs which they have been taking for past 10 years, however we are open to use stunning insect pictures of other photographs. If you think you have good collection of such photographers, do share the link where they are uploaded. Flickr is a best place to upload your photographers. We could then select the ones we need and later on we will send you request for high resolution picture. We pay a small fee for one time use of Rs.500/- each picture. Thanks for your help. 

highlights of the book

First of Many Kinds


First moth book comprising of 773 species. First to have colour plates of live moth pictures which are presented in cutout fashion. This gives the reader to readily identify the moth in the field. First time Indian moths are given English common names. First Indian book to cover ecology of moths.

Technical Editor


Dr. Roger Kendrick from  C&R Wildlife, Hongkong. His contributions ensured that the content is taxonomically updated and correct. 

Book Editor


Mr. Isaac Kehimkar, author of Book of Indian Butterflies and several other publications ensured the overall quality of text and pictures. 

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