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Trish Taylor Ponappa, Bangalore

 “I just got my copy and it is absolutely wonderful--from the thorough content, and photography to the quality of printing. I also appreciate the fact that the common names are included, which are easier for an amateur enthusiast (like me) to remember. I look forward to the insect/arachnid guide in the coming years.

Thank you for producing something that has been needed for a long time.” 


 Congratulations Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi. Hats off to you for your efforts. No doubt this book is first of it's kind in India, yet I have expected something more. I hope, next editions shall fulfill my expectations. As this is a newly published book, the term "First Edition" does not apply at all. Thank you. 

Richard Peigler, Texas, United States

 ” The two inscribed copies of the moth field guide arrived today. I could immediately see that it is an excellent book, and I was happy to see that the traditional "Noctuidae (in part)" and "Arctiidae" have been correctly classified with the modern arrangement using the family Erebidae. The quality of the illustrations is perfect. I really like seeing the moths in life-like poses, instead of as pinned and set specimens. That is how we see them at the lights.

Next week I will order two or three more copies, because I want to donate them to university libraries in USA. I am planning to publish a book review of your book, co-authored with my colleague Dr. Stefan Naumann in Berlin, and we will submit the manuscript in January to "News of the Lepidopterists' Society" and I think this very favorable review will help you sell a few more copies to USA lepidopterists.

Congratulations on this great book. It certainly does fulfill a need in the literature on moths of India.

Shilpa Avate, Pune

 This field guide is proving amazing data base for identification as well as other information regarding moth which we are sighted in Symbiosis University, Lavale campus in Pune. 


Thank a lot Dr.Shubhalaxmi for the most awaiting one of its kind Book on moths helped me to name most of my unnamed moth photos taken from many years.
It's excellent book with detailed information on moths.

Thanks once again.



Thank a lot Shubhalaxmi madam for the awaiting Book on moths helped me to name most of my unnamed moth's photos lying in one folder also basic information about every individual.
Thanks once again.

Really worth it...

Dr. Subhra Kumar Mukhopadhyay, UGC Emeritus Fellow, hooghly

Thanks to the author, Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi for this timely presentation of this tiny pocket book on Indian Moths. Albeit tiny, the book has excellent coverage and all important information for field workers and nature enthusiasts. Resource section including References, Glossary and species indexing are superb. However, quality and resolution of the pictures could be better at this digital era. This compromise might be for the volume of contents, size of the book and above all an affordable price. I am happy with this long waited publication. Thanks agaiN.


 I was so pleased with this publication from its exceptional photography to its ease of use for amateurs and professionals. It is a very thorough compilation of species in a well 

organized edition--a page turner for anyone interested in learning about and /or identifying moths. 



Wonderful book

Very informative & handy book. Very colourful with lot of plates and easy to refer in field. Was a need for such a wonderful book on moths.


Extremely readable and informative. 


 An excellent field guide on moths !This is an excellent field guide, and one that was sorely needed since there are no other field guides on moths available. It is a thoroughly researched work by Dr. Shubha, and has common names too, for many moths ! I was able to identify many moths in my neighborhood within a few hours of having it delivered.

The layout is very compact 

and handy and is very easy to carry anywhere. The photos are also very clear and crisp with open wing positions also.
The only drawback I found was the steep price, I hope cheaper future editions are released so that more people can use this excellent guide!