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Environmental Workshops

Habitat Restoration


Learn how to transform a barren land in to a forest in shortest timespan. The workshop includes outdoor and indoor components with discussion on case studies.

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Biodiversity Gardens


Learn to create gardens that attract birds, bees, butterflies and bats. Get to know about the plants that creates the magic. Understand a bit about landscaping. This includes field visit.

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Essentials of Lepidoptera


Learn how to identify butterflies and moths in the field. Use simple techniques to understand respective families. This includes outdoor and indoor sessions.

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Volunteer Management


Its all about inspiring someone to join your cause. The workshop will show the right way of attracting, rewarding and retaining volunteers.

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Research Projects


Learn about basic elements of a research project. The workshop will touch upon topics such as hypothesis, field methods, data analysis and so on. It will include indoor and outdoor sessions.

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Lake Restoration


Get to learn about water bodies and what measures need to be undertaken to revive them. This includes field as well classroom sessions.

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