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Educational Workshops

Online Courses


Learn basic skills on designing of online courses. Understand the platforms and content development process. Participants will get to design a sample course.

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Educational Material Development


If you are educator, you ought master the skills of developing content for your audience. Understand the process of content development, designing and publishing.

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Communicating Science


Science is a complex subject and it need to taught in simple manner. The workshop deals with nuances of communication where verbal and non-verbal modes are used. 

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Nature Trail Development


The workshop will throw light on how to transform a wild setting into a nature trail. This will include actual practicals in the field coupled with classroom sessions.

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Nature Interpretation Centres


Learn about the basic elements of  a nature education centre. Participants get to design a virtual nature education centre during the workshop.

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Scientific Writing


Learn how to write scientific papers and reports. The workshop will provide guidelines and templates for paper writing.  Participants will be encouraged to write a sample paper.

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